Malaysia's Leading Digital Public Address (PA) System Supplier

Parami Distribution Sdn. Bhd. is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in digital PA system, digital audio system, HD surveillance CCTV, long range sound system and LED light bulbs in Malaysia. We have years of experience and offer quality products at competitive prices to meet different business needs and industrial applications. Our goal is to provide our worldwide customers with high quality service, innovative solutions and to exceed our customers' expectations.

We emphasize very much on digital audio and PA system's R&D, continually introducing latest offerings in the market. Today Parami is seen as one of the leading PA system and LED light bulb manufacturer with a strong foundation in customer base, technology and variety of products. We hold strict quality check throughout our production on digital PA sound systems and HD CCTV installations for higher customer's satisfaction.

We recognize the growing demand of lighting solutions in events in Malaysia. Therefore, we are also trying to extend our market by supplying LED light bulbs to accommodate with increasing demands on complete event solutions. LED light bulbs have been our first choice due to the advantage it gains, such as higher efficiency, lower energy consumptions, brighter output and longer durability.

PARAMI Products

Parami offers an extensive range of Public Address (PA) Solutions including digital audio system, digital PA system and long range sound system in Malaysia. Audio products and systems are widely used among Malaysians for marketing purposes. Examples are like holding a crowd in promotional events, public promotional advertisings, road shows, exhibition events etc.

To accommodate the growing demand for lighting solutions, most especially LED light bulbs; Parami steps foot to offer a complete solution for business advertising purposes. LED light bulbs are gaining traction for popularity for the benefits offered, which we believe you will never look back to conventional lighting solutions after the experience with us.

Parami offers beyond standard Public Address system, we are concern with the securities and communication facilities at your event. Good communication among team members during an event is important towards the success of the campaign. We offer an extensive range of paging system solution and HD CCTV surveillance system to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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